Little Ninjas Classes (Ages 5-12)

The Little Ninjas Program at Cosens Martial Arts is specifically designed to boost your child’s confidence and enthusiasm as they enter society. With a focus on developing basic motor skills and listening skills, your child will become a better student, listener, and have a more positive outlook on their future.

✅ Improve Your Child’s Focus

✅ Improve Your Child’s Discipline

✅ Help Your Child Gain Self Control

✅ A Family Fun Activity To Enjoy

✅ Learn Valuable Self Defense Techniques

✅ Teach Your Child How To Deal With Bullies

✅ Help With ADHD Symptoms

Enrolling your child in martial arts provides them with numerous benefits, including:

  • Anti-bullying skills to help them feel confident and safe in school
  • Goal-setting and achievement skills for a bright future
  • Discipline and focus to become a well-rounded individual
  • Remember, the time between the ages of 5 and 7 is critical in a child’s development, and our program enhances positive growth in a fun and engaging way.

Not only will your child improve their physical abilities, but they will also have the opportunity to make new friends and learn important social skills through positive interactions with their instructors and peers. Our experienced instructors are trained to be great role models and provide individualized attention and support, ensuring that each child reaches their full potential in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Give your child the gift of growth and success – enroll them in our Little Ninjas Program today!